International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 22 Issue 8


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Student-led sustainability transformations: employing realist evaluation to open the black box of learning in a Challenge Lab curriculum

Johan Holmén, Tom Adawi, John Holmberg

While sustainability-oriented education is increasingly placing importance on engaging students in inter- and transdisciplinary learning processes with societal actors and…


Teaching sustainability as complex systems approach: a sustainable development goals workshop

Jana M. Weber, Constantin P. Lindenmeyer, Pietro Liò, Alexei A. Lapkin

Approaches to solving sustainability problems require a specific problem-solving mode, encompassing the complexity, fuzziness and interdisciplinary nature of the problem…


The role of sustainability in media and communication studies’ curricula throughout Europe

Matthias Karmasin, Denise Voci

This research aims to analyze to what extent sustainability and its related core aspects are integrated in media and communication's curricula of higher education…


Educated professionals of sustainability and the dimensions of practices

Janne J. Salovaara, Katriina Soini

The purpose of this paper is to expand the competence-led structuring and understanding of sustainability education by analysing the practices of professional individuals…


Transnational universities, host communities and local residents: social impacts, university social responsibility and campus sustainability

Chen Chen, Frank Vanclay

This paper aims to discuss how transnational universities create negative and positive social impacts on their host communities and what this means for campus…

Wicked problems: university research topic convergence despite divergence in local educational and innovation policies:

Mervi Friman, Dusan Schreiber, Arto Mutanen, Simu Perälä, Janne Salminen

This study aims to determine how sustainable development (SD) demands (according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s (UNECE) SD themes from 2005) are…

Boosting the sustainable development goals in a civil engineering bachelor degree program

M. Esther Gómez-Martín, Ester Gimenez-Carbo, Ignacio Andrés-Doménech, Eugenio Pellicer

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the potential for implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the civil engineering bachelor degree in the School of…


Exploring sustainable student travel behaviour in The Netherlands: balancing online and on-campus learning

Marieke Versteijlen, Bert van Wee, Arjen Wals

Daily commuting trips of higher education (HE) students account for a large proportion of the carbon footprint of a HE institution. Considerations of students underlying…

Delivering on the promise: how are sustainability research institutes enabling interdisciplinary research?

Paul Bolger

Despite the potential for research institutes to advance interdisciplinary research on university campuses, There have been few studies on how interdisciplinary research…

Transformational learning for sustainability leadership – essential components in synergy

Jayne Bryant, James Ayers, Merlina Missimer, Göran Broman

Transformative learning (TL) and leadership are key leverage points for supporting society’s transition toward sustainability. The purpose of this study is to identify…

Greening higher education? From responsibilization to accountabilization in the incorporation of sustainability in higher education

Nikos Macheridis, Alexander Paulsson

This study aims to investigate how sustainability has been incorporated – or mainstreamed - in a school at one university through techniques of responsibilization and…

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