International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 19 Issue 6


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University halls plastics recycling: a blended intervention study

Tsz Yan Cheung, Lincoln Fok, Chi-Chiu Cheang, Chi Ho Yeung, Wing-Mui Winnie So, Cheuk-Fai Chow

The problem of plastic wastes is serious nowadays worldwide, although plastic wastes recycling is already in practice. To promote sustainability in plastic waste recycling, the…


Sustainability and engagement: strange bedfellows in the undergraduate textbook

Michelle Larkins, Wynne Wright, Shari Dann

This paper aims to examine the textual coverage of the topic of public engagement in leading English language sustainability textbooks.

Meeting the food waste challenge in higher education

Selena Ahmed, Carmen Byker Shanks, Martin Lewis, Alicia Leitch, Caitlin Spencer, Erin M. Smith, Dani Hess

Food waste represents a major sustainability challenge with environmental, economic, social and health implications. Institutions of higher education contribute to generating food…


Student-led action for sustainability in higher education: a literature review

Jaylene Murray

Over the past few decades, universities have been recognized as ideal leaders for the development of policies and innovative solutions required to support the transition to…


Adaptive education applied to higher education for sustainability

Allison Earl, Robert VanWynsberghe, Pierre Walter, Timothy Straka

This paper aims to present an interpretive case study in education for sustainability (EfS) that applies VanWynsberghe and Herman’s (2015, 2016) adaptive education as pedagogy…

Introducing sustainability into an architectural curriculum in East Africa

Mark Olweny

This paper aims seeks to reflect on the transition of a school of architecture to incorporate sustainability principles as a core part of its undergraduate (Part I) programme. The…

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