International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 19 Issue 4


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Remodelling urban planning education for sustainable development: the case of Serbia

Marija Maruna, Danijela Milovanovic Rodic, Ratka Colic

The paper aims to present a pedagogical model tailored to the development of key competences in the urban planning profession in post-socialist transitional countries that is…


Fostering the next generation of sustainability leadership: Graduate student experiences with ecohealth communities of practice

Mathieu Lawrence Feagan

This paper aims to explore graduate student experiences of ecohealth communities of practice in Canada, West and Central Africa and Central America, to better understand the role…

Integrating sustainability learning outcomes into a university curriculum: A case study of institutional dynamics

Laura M. Hill, Deane Wang

Higher education institutions increasingly have gained momentum in integrating sustainability into university curricula. The purpose of this paper is to elucidate the approval…


Understanding the limits of assessing sustainability at Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ, Ecuador, while reporting for a North American system

Alexandra Velasco, Melanie Valencia, Samantha Morrow, Valeria Ochoa-Herrera

Universidad San Francisco de Quito, USFQ, completed an assessment study to understand its performance in sustainability in 2012. This study aims to recognize the limitations of…

Strengthening sustainability leadership competencies through university internships

Maria Margarita Meza Rios, Irene Marie Herremans, Jean E. Wallace, Norm Althouse, David Lansdale, Manuel Preusser

This paper aims to determine whether high school students can become agents of change in their local communities by participating in a formal internship program implemented…


Sustainability and academic air travel in Australian universities

Andrew Glover, Yolande Strengers, Tania Lewis

Air travel is becoming increasingly recognized as a source of greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change. This is particularly relevant for the university sector…


Action for increasing energy-saving behaviour in student residences at Rhodes University, South Africa

Angel Ancha Lindelwa Bulunga, Gladman Thondhlana

In response to increasing energy demand and financial constraints to invest in green infrastructure, behaviour change energy-saving interventions are increasingly being considered…


Sustainability in university campus: options for achieving nearly zero energy goals

Paula Fonseca, Pedro Moura, Humberto Jorge, Aníbal de Almeida

The purpose of this study was to design a renovation plan for a university campus building (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) with the aim to achieve nearly zero…


A pilot study on education for sustainable development in the Romanian economic higher education

Isabel Novo-Corti, Liana Badea, Diana Mihaela Tirca, Mirela Ionela Aceleanu

This paper aims to emphasize how economics courses offered at higher education institutions can influence sustainable development, in general, and Romania’s sustainable…

Creating space for sustainability literacy: the case of student-centered symposia

Camille Ouellet Dallaire, Kate Trincsi, Melissa K. Ward, Lorna I. Harris, Larissa Jarvis, Rachel L. Dryden, Graham K. MacDonald

This paper reflects on the Sustainability Research Symposium (SRS), a long-term student-led initiative (seven years) at McGill University in Montréal, Canada, that seeks to foster…

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