International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 19 Issue 1


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Assessing graduate sustainability capability post-degree completion: Why is it important and what are the challenges?

Orana Sandri, Sarah Holdsworth, Ian Thomas

The purpose of this paper is to highlight both the need for measurement of graduate capabilities post-degree completion and the challenges posed by such a task. Higher education…


Assessing environmental competencies of primary education pre-service teachers in Spain: A comparative study between two universities

Olaya Alvarez-García, Jaume Sureda-Negre, Rubén Comas-Forgas

In this paper, the results of an investigation aimed at analysing and comparing the environmental competences of future teachers undergoing training in two universities are…

Sustainability attitudes and behavioral motivations of college students: Testing the extended parallel process model

Evan K. Perrault, Scott K. Clark

A planet that can no longer sustain life is a frightening thought – and one that is often present in mass media messages. Therefore, this study aims to test the components of a…


Variation of greenness across China’s universities: motivations and resources

Wanxia Zhao, Yonghua Zou

This study aims to examine the cross-institutional variation in university greenness and analyze its underlying dynamics.

Universities and smart specialisation strategy: From third mission to sustainable development co-creation

Chiara Rinaldi, Alessio Cavicchi, Francesca Spigarelli, Luigi Lacchè, Arthur Rubens

The paper analyses the emerging role of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) universities in contemporary society via third- and fourth-mission activities. In particular, the…


Workplace energy conservation at Michigan State University

Summer Allen, Sandra T. Marquart-Pyatt

This research contributes to the literature on workplace energy conservation by examining the predictors of individual employee behaviors and policy support in a university. The…

The “carbon-neutral university” – a study from Germany

Erica Udas, Monique Wölk, Martin Wilmking

Nowadays, several higher education institutions around the world are integrating sustainability topics into their daily operations, functionality and education systems. This paper…


The implementation of sustainability practices in Portuguese higher education institutions

Ana Marta Aleixo, Ulisses Azeiteiro, Susana Leal

The purpose of this work is to analyze the current state of implementation of sustainability development (SD) in Portuguese higher education institutions (HEIs).


Educating academic staff to reorient curricula in ESD

Michele Biasutti, Vassilios Makrakis, Eleonora Concina, Sara Frate

The purpose of this paper is to present a professional development experience for higher education academic staff within the framework of an international Tempus project focused…

A holistic approach to delivering sustainable design education in civil engineering

Chandra Mouli Vemury, Oliver Heidrich, Neil Thorpe, Tracey Crosbie

The purpose of this paper is to present pedagogical approaches developed and implemented to deliver sustainable design education (SDE) to second-year undergraduate students on…

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