International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 18 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Professional Development in Higher Education for Sustainable Development

Guest Editors: Daniella Tilbury, Marlene Mader, Jana Dlouhá, Javier Benyas, Alexandra Ryan, Gerd Michelsen

Enabling university educators to equip students with inter- and transdisciplinary competencies

Antonietta Di Giulio, Rico Defila

Inter- and transdisciplinarity are core concepts in almost all education for sustainable development (ESD) competence frameworks and curricula. To equip students with inter- and…


Professional development of university educators in ESD: a study from pedagogical styles

Maria Mercedes Callejas Restrepo, Norka Blanco-Portela, Yolanda Ladino-Ospina, Rosa Nidia Tuay Sigua, Kenneth Ochoa Vargas

The aim of this paper is to present a vision for university educator professional development, based on self-analysis of pedagogical styles and production of knowledge about the…


Working with the divides: Two critical axes in development for transformative professional practices

Helen Avery, Birgitta Nordén

The paper aims to provide a conceptual map of how to mediate between sustainability theory and practice in higher education and how disciplinary divides can be bridged. It further…

Supporting collaborative and continuing professional development in education for sustainability through a communities of practice approach

Kristin Warr Pedersen

The purpose of this paper is to consider an expanded vision of professional development for embedding education for sustainability (EfS) in a higher education institution. Through…


Professional development of sustainability competences in higher education: The role of empowerment

Wim Lambrechts, Elli Verhulst, Sara Rymenams

This paper aims to provide insights into the relation between professional development (PD) and organisational change processes towards sustainability, with a specific focus on…


Engaging teacher educators with the sustainability agenda: A case study of a pilot professional development program from Ethiopia

Addise Amado, Aklilu Dalelo, Maik Adomßent, Daniel Fischer

There is broad consensus that the implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD) requires the consideration of geographical and cultural contexts. Despite such an…

Training sessions fostering transdisciplinary collaboration for sustainable development: Albania and Kosovo case studies

Jonas Meyer, Marlene Mader, Friedrich Zimmermann, Ketrina Çabiri

The purpose of this paper is to examine sustainability-related challenges in the two Western Balkan countries – Albania and Kosovo. It discusses the opportunities of local higher…

The European virtual seminar on sustainable development as an opportunity for staff ESD competence development within university curricula

Joop de Kraker, Jana Dlouhá, Laura Machackova Henderson, Dana Kapitulcinová

The purpose of this paper is to assess the current and potential value of the European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development (EVS) as an opportunity for professional…

How to assess professional competencies in Education for Sustainability?: An approach from a perspective of complexity

Maria Rosa Garcia, Mercè Junyent, Marta Fonolleda

This study aims to contribute to the professional competency approach in Education for Sustainability (ES) from the perspective of complexity and to the assessment of these…


Catalysing Change in Higher Education for Sustainable Development: A review of professional development initiatives for university educators

Ingrid Mulà, Daniella Tilbury, Alexandra Ryan, Marlene Mader, Jana Dlouhá, Clemens Mader, Javier Benayas, Jirí Dlouhý, David Alba

The world is shaped by an education system that reinforces unsustainable thinking and practice. Efforts to transform our societies must thus prioritise the education of educators…

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