International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 18 Issue 1


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Communicating sustainability: student perceptions of a behavior change campaign

D. Matthew Godfrey, Patrick Feng

This paper aims to investigate the impacts of a science-based environmental communication campaign at a university dining hall. The impacts are assessed in terms of student…


Greening transportation and parking at University of Coimbra

Luís Cruz, Eduardo Barata, João-Pedro Ferreira, Fausto Freire

This paper aims to explore the potential contribution of integrated traffic and parking management strategies to ensure more rational use of available parking spaces and to reduce…


Environmental awareness raising through universities – city authorities’ cooperation

Ksenia D. Shelest, Victor V. Ionov, Leonid Y. Tikhomirov

This paper aims to the environmental awareness raising as a key issue of education for sustainable development. Youth Environmental Volunteers Movement in the area of coastal oil…


University’s multi-scale initiatives for redefining city development

Natalia Ratajczyk, Iwona Wagner, Agnieszka Wolanska-Kaminska, Tomasz Jurczak, Maciej Zalewski

The purpose of this paper is to present the varied roles played by the University of Lódz (UL) in maintaining and restoring the natural capital of a city as a driver for…

Transdisciplinary learning and teaching as answers to urban sustainability challenges

Petra Biberhofer, Christian Rammel

This paper aims to explain the relevance of science-society interfaces and their potential for higher education institutions to engage stakeholders in supporting sustainable…


Assessment tools’ indicators for sustainability in universities: an analytical overview

Naif Alghamdi, Alexandra den Heijer, Hans de Jonge

The purpose of this paper is to analyse 12 assessment tools of sustainability in universities and develop the structure and the contents of these tools to be more intelligible…


Energy challenges: isolating results due to behavior change

Kelly Boulton, Eric Pallant, Casey Bradshaw-Wilson, Beth Choate, Ian Carbone

Approximately 700 colleges and universities have committed to climate neutrality, which will require significant reductions in energy consumption. This paper aims to explore the…

Sustainable imaginaries: a case study of a large suburban Canadian university

Philip Vaughter, Steve Alsop

This paper aims to explore the concept of sustainability imaginaries – unifying core assumptions on what sustainability entails held by stakeholders – set within a large suburban…

Engaging sustainability good practice within the curriculum design and property portfolio in the Australian higher education sector

Joanna Poon

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the extent to which universities’ strategic plans affect the level of incorporation of sustainability within the curriculum design and…

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