British Journal of Clinical Governance: Volume 7 Issue 4


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Learning from Bristol: reflections from a health economist

Brian A. Ferguson

The Kennedy Report will almost certainly become a defining moment in the history of UK healthcare. On the whole the NHS is poor at learning from history and there is a…


Nomenclature issues in aseptic preparation of medicines

Rob Gandy, Karen Kershaw, Ian Beaumont

Nomenclature is of fundamental importance in healthcare. Different professionals interpret different terms in different ways. This has implications for measurement…


Online patient support systems – is there a need?

Tomasz J. Spyt, Pamela A.C. Watt, Maria C. Boehm, Paul R. Stafford

A survey of cardiac patients, their relatives and friends and local GPs was conducted to establish whether there is a need for an online patient support system. In…

The need for a diagnostic approach in the development of guideline implementation strategies – a qualitative study

M.F. Lambert, I.S. Watt, A.M. Woodhouse, S. Balmer, M.R. Robinson

Describes and analyses the factors limiting the success of implementation of guidelines on management of heart failure using content analysis of structured interviews with…


Clinical governance and education: the views of clinical governance leads in the south west of England

Christopher E. Clark, Lindsey F.P. Smith

This qualitative study examined the views of clinical governance leads in South West England on the development of clinical governance, and its relationship to education…


A multi‐district model for the management of disease‐modifying treatments in multiple sclerosis

Helen L. Ford, Michael Johnson, Jon Fear

This paper’s objective is to develop a model for the appropriate and equitable use of disease‐modifying treatments in multiple sclerosis. The prevalence and incidence of…


Use of a proforma for reporting staging CT scans of the thorax

Christopher S. Keeling‐Roberts

The aim of this study was to devise a simple proforma for reporting staging CT scans of the thorax, to ensure that all essential information is included on the report, in…

A structured examination in labour improves documentation

Sudipta Paul, David J. Rowlands

A structured sticker for examination of women in labour was introduced at Arrowe Park Hospital in 1998 to improve documentation of examination findings. This study was…


Beware of the patient safety juggernauts

David Birnbaum, William Scheckler

Patient safety and medical error have become prominent issues following publication of Institute of Medicine reports in the USA. The USA, Australia, and now Canada have…


Learning by doing: training general practitioners to be appraisers

Debbie Wall, Maurice Conlon, Ron Cullen, Aidan Halligan

Effective appraisal is one of the key underpinning systems to allow the practical implementation of clinical governance. Between March and July 2002, over 800 GPs have…


Using clinical risk management processes to develop the national service framework for coronary heart disease

P. Jane Cowan

This article discusses the role of clinical risk management in the implementation of the National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease (NSFCHD). It considers the…




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