British Journal of Clinical Governance: Volume 7 Issue 3


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The role of CHI in monitoring the development of clinical governance in trusts and promoting change

Linda Patterson

The structures for inspecting and monitoring health care are changing, and the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI’s) work in involving patients and the public in…


The magic matrix of clinical governance

S.A. Lewis, N. Saunders, K. Fenton

The implementation of effective frameworks which support the clinical governance agenda is proving to be a significant challenge for management teams across the NHS. Since…


Lipid lowering after myocardial infarction in hospital practice

D. Dutta, B. Ogunnaike

There is strong evidence for the use of HMG Co‐A reductase inhibitors (statins) for secondary prevention after myocardial infarction. Previous surveys suggest sub‐optimal…

Evaluating processes for evidence‐based health care in the National Health Service

Beverly Warburton, Mary Black

This paper explores the growing interest of Health Service researchers in evaluating processes or process evaluation and discusses the relevance of this type of evaluation…


Reviewing local screening policies – a worthwhile exercise?

Helen Thornton‐Jones, Susan Hampshaw, Hora Soltan, Rajan Madhok

Reviews antenatal and early childhood screening programmes to assess the impact of guidance from the National Screening Committee (NSC). Develops methods to investigate…

The nature of hospital prescribing errors

S. Dobrzanski, I. Hammond, G. Khan, H. Holdsworth

A study was carried out to determine the nature of medical prescribing errors identified by pharmacists in an NHS Hospital Trust. From the 587 errors detected in a…


Transitions of care: the next major quality improvement challenge

J. James Cotter, Wally R. Smith, Peter A. Boling

This review and discussion outline domains and a research agenda leading to improvements in the quality of transitions of care between health‐care settings. Over the past…


Developing strategic leadership of clinical governance through a programme for NHS boards

Marilyn Boggust, Michael Deighan, Ron Cullen, Aidan Halligan

National Health Service trust boards are constantly challenged to achieve a balance between their resources and meeting the needs of the communities they serve. In…


The role of clinical audit in risk reduction

P. Jane Cowan

Recent criticism of some aspects of current practice within the NHS has placed the role of clinical audit increasingly under the spotlight. In a recent publication, the…




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