British Journal of Clinical Governance: Volume 7 Issue 2


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Thromboembolic prophylaxis: practice in oral and maxillofacial surgery

S. Clark, M. Greenwood

Describes how the implementation of thromboembolic prophylaxis in patients undergoing oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures was audited. In 1997, four oral and…


Involving users, improving services: the example of cancer

Merryn Gott, Tony Stevens, Neil Small, Sam Hjelmeland Ahmedzai

Facilitating user involvement is regarded as a significant factor in advancing the overall quality of health care provision. The wish to develop user involvement is…


A case for involving children/young people in clinical audit

Tina Moules

The case for involving the users of health services in the NHS decision‐making process is clearly identified in a range of Government policy and guidance documents. A…


Consumer involvement in health research: fact or fiction?

R. Telford, C.A. Beverley, C.L. Cooper, J.D. Boote

Consumer involvement is now firmly established as National Health Service (NHS) R&D policy. This study identified the range and diversity of current NHS research projects…


Adopting guideline review criteria as part of a regional project to improve heart failure management in general practice

David Jeacocke, Arn Sprogis, Julia Lowe, Richard Heller

Describes a process of adopting a set of review criteria for use in a regional project to improve heart failure management in general practice. Published guideline review…

The “ASQUAM” programme: improving the standards of maternity care, using democratic prioritisation, guidelines and audit

Richard B. Johanson, Claire Rigby

Evaluates the current success of projects within the Achieving Sustainable Quality in Maternity clinical effectiveness programme initiated in 1994 when 23 improvements in…

The superiority of action research?

Alan Earl‐Slater

Looks at where action research has been used in health care in the UK and suggests lessons can be learned by looking at action research taking place in other fields, such…


Implementing consent

Jane Cowan

Responding to a commitment made in the NHS plan, the Department of Health produced a series of documents (not yet widely distributed and discussed) during 2001 aimed at…




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