International Journal of Agile Management Systems: Volume 2 Issue 3


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Agile supply: rethinking systems thinking, systems practice

Colin Rigby, Marc Day, Paul Forrester, John Burnett

There has been extended debate about how to conceptualise inter‐organizational restructuring in late twentieth century capitalism, giving rise to a number of models that attempt…


Design and implementation of flexible manufacturing solutions in agile enterprises

Layek Abdel‐Malek, Sanchoy K. Das, Carl Wolf

Flexibility is a key component in any agile manufacturing enterprise. A methodology that a firm may use to design, build and then implement a flexible manufacturing (FM) solution…


The thesis of leagility revisited

Remko I. van Hoek

Both postponement and information decoupling have been considered as relevant initiatives in making the agile supply chain a reality. It is commonly argued that the two can be…


The strategic implications of flexibility in manufacturing systems

Rakesh Narain, R.C. Yadav, Joseph Sarkis, James J. Cordeiro

Flexibility in manufacturing has aroused considerable interest among researchers and professionals. However, the vast body of literature on flexibility does not adequately address…


Product re‐engineering process using an enterprise modelling architecture

V. Borja, J.A. Harding, K.T.K. Toh

Creation of new products from existing solutions (product re‐design) shortens new product introduction phases and reduces costs. The product re‐engineering process is a new…


Designing a performance measurement system for a high technology virtual engineering team – a case study

Marla E. Hacker, Jonathan D. Lang

Discusses the process and issues involved in developing a performance measurement system for a virtual engineering team working within a high technology environment. This team…


An ethical perspective on information systems evaluation

J. Ballantine, M. Levy, A. Martin, I. Munro, P. Powell

The evaluation of information systems (IS) is a major concern of business, and a variety of approaches have been developed to tackle the issue. These approaches vary in their use…


Agile control in JIT ordering systems

Katsuhiko Takahashi, Nobuto Nakamura

As a just‐in‐time (JIT) ordering system for multi‐stage production inventory systems, both the kanban system and its alternative, the concurrent ordering system, have been…




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1999 – 2000

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