International Journal of Agile Management Systems: Volume 2 Issue 1


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An autonomous data collection system for virtual manufacturing systems

Reggie Davidrajuh, Ziqiong Deng

First this paper introduces the concepts of virtual manufacturing system (VMS). The host enterprise and the multiple numbers of supply and distribution enterprises that make up a…


An agile planning and control framework for customer‐order driven discrete parts manufacturing environments

M.F. van Assen, E.W. Hans, S.L. van de Velde

In this paper, we present a planning and control framework for manufacture‐to‐order environments that enables and supports agile‐based discrete parts manufacturing. The…


ERP adoption: a technological evolution approach

Sock Hwa Chung, Charles A. Snyder

In a competitive environment, firms continually need to establish new business objectives to fulfill their corporate visions. A whole organization should be structured to achieve…


A descriptive multi‐attribute model for reconfigurable machining system selection examining buyer‐supplier relationships

Stephen E. Chick, Tava Lennon Olsen, Kannan Sethuraman, Kathryn E. Stecke, Chelsea C. White

Presents a model of the machining system selection process that is focused on capital intensive, complex machining systems that are intended to provide service over a long time…


Quality evaluation in logistic services

Fiorenzo Franceschini, Carlo Rafele

The paper highlights some problems relevant to the quality measurements in logistic services. “Traditional” logistic indicators are compared with the service dimensions defined in…


Engineering the leagile supply chain

Rachel Mason‐Jones, Ben Naylor, Denis R. Towill

Notes the importance of new internal supply chains being properly interfaced with the marketplace. Suggests that the appropriate way forward is to design and implement a “leagile…


Flexible workshop: about the concept of flexibility

Janusz Bucki, Yvon Pesqueux

This paper is an introduction to the problem of flexibility. We would like to show the predominant factors of flexibility, since not being aware of them may lead to a failure in…


Supporting enterprise design through multiple views

Bing Yu, Jennifer Anne Harding, Keith Popplewell

Manufacturing enterprises must satisfy customers’ needs, in order to sustain their position in the competitive market. This requires the enterprises to continuously design and…



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