International Journal of Agile Management Systems: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Internet technology: contributing to agility in the twenty‐first century

Ronald E. McGaughey

To compete effectively in many developed and emerging global markets firms must develop the capacity to react quickly and successfully to change – they must become agile. Internet…


Application of lean production and agile manufacturing concepts in a telecommunications environment

Michael Robertson, Carole Jones

Agile manufacturing, a strategy developed from lean production methods, is aimed at providing companies with the capabilities to succeed in the twenty‐first century, serving ever…


Agile manufacturing in the aerospace industry: an industrial viewpoint

Mark Phillips

Considers how far the aerospace industry has travelled on the long journey towards lean and agile manufacturing. Starts by comparing the industry with a well‐established model of…


Strategies for enhancing agility of make‐to‐order manufacturing systems

A. Subash Babu

This paper relates to make‐to‐order (MTO) manufacturing environment. Initially, the various issues of concern and problems encountered in relation to typical MTO systems are…


Extended and virtual enterprises – similarities and differences

Jim Browne, Jiangang Zhang

In today’s global economy, manufacturing enterprises must be viewed in the context of their contribution to the total value chain. Extended or virtual enterprises, consisting of…


Research agenda for agile manufacturing

F.B. Vernadat

Manufacturing agility can be defined as the ability to closely align manufacturing enterprise systems to changing business needs to achieve competitive performance. Agility has…


CALS: an enabling strategy for agile management systems

JrJung Lyu

CALS (continuous acquisition and life‐cycle support) strategy which originated in the American military in 1985 is widely embraced by many countries to build a digitized product…


Integrated clusters – the future basis of competition

Allan Carrie

As manufacturing becomes a truly global affair, the basis of competition will switch from individual companies and their supply chains to regional clusters. Large multi‐nationals…


Enterprise agility: a view from the PRISM lab

Chin‐Yin Huang, Shimon Y. Nof

The agility of enterprises is analyzed in this article from two perspectives: business and organizational agility, and operational and logistics agility. Because of the powerful…


Developing agile manufacturing in Australia

Amrik S. Sohal

Traces the development of agile manufacturing in Australia from the early 1980s to the present day. Looks at relevant projects and studies in the field such as the JITVIC program…




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1999 – 2000

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