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Industry and Public Sector Management

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Financial analysis of the Swedish 3G licensees : Where are the profits?

Joakim Björkdahl, Erik Bohlin

There are many different opinions on the prospects of UMTS or 3G mobile telephone systems. Our paper investigates the financial consequences of the implementation of UMTS…

Can European media empires survive? The rise and fall of the House of Kirch

Tony Fowler, Peter Curwen

Although bankruptcies in the TMT sector are flowing thick and fast, the collapse of the media empire built up by Leo Kirch over a 42‐year period is arguably the most…

Is LoopCo the answer?

Martin Cave

Proposals have been made to separate BT vertically into two parts: an access network (LoopCo) providing services to all operators, and a core network. The aim is to…

Central points of control and surveillance on a “decentralized” Net: Internet service providers, and privacy and freedom of speech online

Christof Demont‐Heinrich

This paper focuses on the complex nature of privacy and freedom of speech issues as they arise at the ISP. It addresses these critical issues by way of an examination of…

Preparing for North‐South Korean telecommunication integration

Sang Taek Kim

A framework is presented for the analysis of policy issues which may occur after North‐South Korea reunification. Possible national objectives are first stated, and then…



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