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Table of contents - Special Issue: Selected papers from EuroCPR

User generated content – users, community of users and firms: toward new sources of co-innovation?

Jean Paul Simon

The paper aims at dealing with the role of users in the creation (or curation) and distribution of digital contents. User generated contents (UGCs) refer to a variety of media…


Shrinking core? Exploring the differential agenda setting power of traditional and personalized news media

Judith Moeller, Damian Trilling, Natali Helberger, Kristina Irion, Claes De Vreese

This paper aims to shed light on the impact of personalized news media on the shared issue agenda that provides democracies with a set of topics that structure the public debate…


Copyright (and) Culture: the governance of audiovisual archives

Katharine Sarikakis, Olga Kolokytha, Krisztina Rozgonyi

This paper asks the following research question: What are the policy dynamics of copyright regulation for digital audiovisual (AV) archives in Europe and what is their potential…


Another breach in the wall: copyright territoriality in Europe and its progressive erosion on the grounds of competition law

Giuseppe Mazziotti, Felice Simonelli

This paper aims to show how the European Commission is seeking to solve the problems of market fragmentation and inaccessibility of copyright content in the Digital Single Market…




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