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Industry and Public Sector Management

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The 1999 communications review: improving Europe’s competitive position

Jean‐Eric de Cockborne

Provides and overview of the European Commission’s review of electronic communications, sketching out how the regulatory framework will evolve. Sums up that the Commission…

The future is bright, the future is mobile

Michael Minges, Laura Männistö, Tim Kelly

Discusses the supply of mobile services, regulatory issues, questions of access to mobile services, pricing trends and the future for this sector. Provides a snapshot of…

ICANN and Internet governance: sorting through the debris of “self‐regulation”

Milton Mueller

Discusses ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which is a new private corporation for managing Internet domain names and IP addresses, which was…

User protection in cyberspace: some recommendations

Sophie Louveaux, Yves Poulett, Anne Salaün

Makes recommendations for protecting users in cyberspace, which relate to commercial communications, relationships between the service provider and consumers, and data…

The quest for information highways and media convergence in Canada

Dwayne Winseck

Studies media convergence in Canada, arguing it has always been a possibility as change is not a consequence of new technologies but a shift from efforts to prevent…

Bridging wireless and wired networks: smart phone operating systems, IP convergence and market segmentation

George E. Darby

Focuses on current and near‐term efforts to integrate Web browsing, computing, e‐mail, video telephony and voice telephony in a hand‐held device. Concludes with…



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