Foresight: Volume 9 Issue 5


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Adapting in practice: what questions might we ask?

Trevor Williams

Via philosophy of science, the paper seeks to identify the role of trial and error in business and other managed activities, including economic development.


Foresight as a triple helix of industry, university and government relations

Elisa Ughetto

This paper attempts to interpret Foresight in the light of the Triple Helix concept.


Harmonic Circles: a new futures tool

Marcus Anthony

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a futures tool developed by Marcus Anthony called Harmonic Circles.

Foresight formulation in innovative production, automation and control systems

S. Mekid, T. Schlegel, N. Aspragathos, R. Teti

This paper aims to define imminent and future key aspects in innovative production machines and systems but more specifically to focus on the automation and control aspects.

Migration: new urgencies replace traditional welcome

Jacques Richardson

The objective of the paper is to explain the motives for and against accelerated displacement of people from some countries to others. The evolving consequences of such

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