Foresight: Volume 8 Issue 6


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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The art of entrepreneurial foresight

Emilio Fontela, Joaquín Guzmán, Marybel Pérez, Francisco Javier Santos

This paper aims to present an analysis of entrepreneurial activities that emphasises anticipation and the art of future exploration; in so doing, it identifies important aspects


Leadership and spirituality

Robert Burke

This paper seeks to suggest that effective leadership can be achieved by, and can drive, an integral spiritual connectedness between governments, organisations and society as a


Humanizing work: surviving in the culture of technology

John Renesch

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the trends toward work being more suitable for machines than people, which promotes more addictive lifecycles. This paper suggests ways


Four scenarios towards more ethical futures: a case study in nanoscale science and technology

Emmanuel Smadja

This paper aims to provide a better understanding of the ethical issues associated with nanoscale science and technology (NST).

Comparing recent technology foresight studies in Korea and China: towards foresight‐minded governments?

Dominik Schlossstein, Byeongwon Park

This paper seeks to compare recent third generation technology foresight studies in South Korea and mainland China. Both studies were released in 2005.


Public forecasting and futures studies in Germany

Bruno Hérault

This paper seeks to present the key actors in Germany in the field of public forecasting and futures studies.

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