Foresight: Volume 8 Issue 2


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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America still fighting the cold war in an era of global terrorism

Marvin Baker Schaffer

The Second World War and the cold war led to a revolution in military affairs, but this article seeks to question whether the USA is equipped to respond to future conflicts in an


Europe: gray hair and low growth

Michel Godet, Philippe Durance

This paper aims to explore the links between demographics and economics and to show how European institutions (like the European Commission) and European policies are slowly but


Converging applications for active ageing policy

R. Compañó, A.‐K. Bock, J.C. Burgelman, M. Cabrera, O. Da Costa, P. Mattsson, N. Malanowski

This article attempts to match the future needs of older people with the possibilities arising from applications based on new technology.

Introducing a classification framework for prospective methods

Joseph Voros

The purpose of this article is to examine the nature and type of methods used in futures studies and foresight work which are explicitly concerned with creating “forward views”


Public futures studies: themes and variations

Bruno Hérault

The paper aims to present an analysis of today's key themes in the field of public futures studies.


If humanity and the environment fail one another …

Jacques Richardson

This paper seeks to summarize humanity's growing appraisal of cumulative transgressions against nature and how these may be proving reversible.

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