Foresight: Volume 7 Issue 5


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Secrecy and new technologies

Jérôme Bindé

Aims to explore a central contradiction in the so‐called information society – while it is characterized by calls for universal transparency, at the same time, there are


Biotechnology and foresight

Knut Erik Solem, Galina Gaivoronskaia

To analyze several complex issues which are being addressed by biotechnological research and identify possible solutions to some concrete problems.


Attract, retain and innovate: a workforce policy architecture adapted to modern conditions

Bradley Jorgensen

Proposes the adoption of six strategic objectives around which to build a workforce policy architecture for the future.


Competitiveness between public, private and non‐profit organizations in the promising market for the elderly in France

Ali Smida

To cover the main trends in health care for the elderly and the issues regarding the competitiveness between public and private organizations that are mainly small to

Drucker on government, politics, economics and society

Armen Chobanyan, Jan Emblemsvåg

To provide students, professors, political leaders, members of non‐governmental sector and economists with a review of Drucker's major works on recent changes in politics


Leonardo: why the inventor failed to innovate

Jacques Richardson

Aims to demonstrate how a foremost “Renaissance man”, Leonardo da Vinci, an artist who also fathered inventions by the score, was destined to have his conceptions remain

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