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The complexity and the organizing principles of international order

Otto Hieronymi, Catherine Currat

Fifteen years after the end of the Cold War there is a new deep worldwide preoccupation with the short‐ and long‐term outlook for international order. The case of Iraq…


A turning point for the better or for the worse? The current outlook for international order

Otto Hieronymi

As at the end of the Cold War, today there is no desirable or superior alternative to a universal liberal international order. However, a liberal order is not automatic…


The global challenge of human security

Cornelio Sommaruga

Human security is far more than the absence of conflict. It encompasses education and health, democracy and human rights, protection against environmental degradation and…


The new warfare and cooperative international security

John King

General interstate warfare, that characterized so many twentieth century conflicts is increasingly becoming obsolete, except for some rare cases. Indeed, the nature of…


The vulnerability of democracies

Ekaterina Lapshina

Democracy, because of its complex structure and basic nature, is a challenge as the struggle for consensus and compromise is ongoing and its weaknesses and problems are…


The implications of the rise of China

Wei‐Wei Zhang

China has had an exceptional growth performance during the last quarter century, as a result of the successful economic reforms. These included an economic opening and a…


The Atlantic Community: new traditions, new roles

John King

The First World War and the Second World War provided the initial impetus for the formation of a cooperative bond between Europe and North America. The Cold War enabled…


The foundations of the expanding Atlantic Community

Otto Hieronymi, Chiara Jasson

Many people on both sides of the Atlantic take the Atlantic Community for granted, weakening the Community's foundations and world order in general. It is important to…


The role of the USA in meeting global challenges

Daniel Warner

As after the Second World War, the USA today plays a dominant role in the world following the end of the Cold War. Since 1989, and up to this day, two main theories of…


The need to strengthen the United Nations

Bruna Molina Faidutti

Multiple changes in the political map, military strength and new economic realities since 1945, has meant that the United Nations (UN) is confronted with a new political…


The new urgency of effective arms control cooperation

Patricia Lewis

The Nuclear Non‐Proliferation Treaty (NPT), signed in 1968, is a treaty of three main agreements concerning both nuclear weapons states and non‐nuclear weapons states…

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