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Two horsemen of the Apocalypse: Reflections on the Iraq war, SARS and humanity’s place among the stars

Meng‐Kin Lim

Throughout the war‐ and disease‐ridden history of our world, more have died from pathogens than have perished by the sword. Both kinds of war – one seen and one unseen …


How one European community embraces a growing Muslim minority

Jacques Richardson

In a Europe whose social make‐up is being significantly transformed by a shifting religious presence, responses to unaccustomed pressure and new needs must be met by the…

Technological forecasting and scenarios matter: Research into the use of information and communication technology in the home environment in 2010

H. Bouwman, P. van der Duin

Information and communication technology (ICT) is increasingly being used in the home environment, making it a very important and interesting research topic for…


Is intellectual capitalism the future wealth of organisations?

Tom Karp

This article examines the future of intellectual capitalism. It is concluded that intellectual capital has the potential to become the primary wealth creator in most…


The futures of futures: a scenario salon

Andy Hines

The Association of Professional Futurists (APF) recently held a scenario salon that explored the “Futures of futures.” The centerpiece of the findings was the…

Constructing peace scenarios for the Middle East

Jerome C. Glenn, Theodore J. Gordon

In the aftermath of the Iraq war, global attention to the resolution of the Israeli‐Palestinian conflict has increased, but the way ahead still seems as difficult as…


Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y?: Policy implications for defence forces in the modern era

Bradley Jorgensen

In recent years there has been discussion in the management and organisational literature on generational differences and how they may impact on the design of workforce…


Democratizing the information society

Hazel Henderson

A global economy needs global public goods – water, health, clean environments, peace, education and, critically, access to information. Instead the commercialization and…

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