Foresight: Volume 5 Issue 2


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Professional futurists reflect on the state of futures studies

John B. Mahaffie

Poking fun at futurists is not new and so when mainstream journalists deride futures research for being no longer relevant they tend to be dismissed by the futures community as…


Keynes and the future

Emilio Fontela

In 1930, John Maynard Keynes explored long‐term economic growth, anticipating that the economic problem of scarcity was likely to vanish in a century’s time. The Keynes’ scenario…


Fourastié’s foresight after 50 years

Gert‐Jan Hospers

More than half a century ago the French futurist Jean Fourastié (1907‐1990) presented an interesting view of society in the year 2000. His vision of the future has remained…


Socially responsible leadership

Tom Karp

This article examines the role of business leadership in the coming decade with respect to social responsibility. It is argued, herein, that the successful leadership agenda in…


Through a glass darkly: the future and business revisited

Denis Loveridge, Geoffrey Woodling

This article revisits a paper written by Denis Loveridge 15 years ago about the merit or otherwise of the long view versus its short‐term counterpart. The paper revisits the…

An integrated view of foresight: integrated foresight management model

Alper Alsan, M. Atilla Oner

The use of foresight as a tool in policy and strategic decision making increased especially in the last decade of the twentieth century in order to enhance competitiveness and…


International foresight’s contribution to globalisation

Tamsin Jewell

This paper presents and discusses the APEC Center for Technology Foresight’s experiences with its first five international foresight projects. The projects are described in some…

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