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Knowledge intensive business services: ambiguities and continuities

Ian Douglas Miles, Veronika Belousova, Nikolay Chichkanov

The substantial growth in literature on knowledge-intensive business services (KIBSs) has thrown light on their contributions to innovation and innovation systems. This paper is…


The VUCA approach as a solution concept to corporate foresight challenges and global technological disruption

Jari Roy Lee Kaivo-oja, Iris Theresa Lauraeus

Under current market conditions of corporate foresight, turbulence is a key element of the business landscape. Turbulence can be summarised using the trendy managerial acronym…


A possible metric for assessing self-efficacy toward postulated futures

Seongwon Park

This paper raises a question of how to assess the effectiveness of foresight activity. Among the various assessments of foresight activity, the author explores how to develop and…

The contribution of foresight to improve long-term security planning

Sissel Haugdal Jore, Inger-Lise Førland Utland, Victoria Hell Vatnamo

Despite the common focus on studying future events, the study of risk management and foresight have developed as two segmented scientific fields. This study aims to investigate…

Field work in potential gas fields, middle ground or war zone: enhancing accountability by shining a light on difference

Marcelle Holdaway

As a key element of corporate accountability, social and environmental accounting (SEA) has failed to yield significant results in terms of firms embracing goals other than…

Innovation system foresight and systemic innovation for the overseas countries and territories

Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, Renato Toffanin, Josip Jezic von Gesseneck

The purpose of this paper is to describe through innovation system foresight and systemic innovation approach to address key systemic issues of European Union (EU) Overseas…

National open data frames across Japan, The Netherlands and Saudi Arabia: role of culture

Stuti Saxena

The paper aims to investigate the national open data portals of Japan, The Netherlands and Saudi Arabia to identify the role of cultural variations in terms of their open data…

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