Foresight: Volume 2 Issue 3


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Managing the future

Sesh Velamoor

This article argues that managing the future requires an overhauling of existing paradigms of management thinking given the new context of human affairs. This context is…


From agriculture to ecoculture

Michel Godet

This article considers the European agricultural battlefield where farmers face the problem of new challenges to the environment and food safety which only add to the…


The debate over genetically modified organisms: scientific uncertainty and public controversy

Linda Hadfield

The controversy over genetically modified organisms in the UK came to a head with the publication of three official reports in May 1999. A review of the three reports…

The e‐factor: the new rules of the tele‐economy

Simon Forge

Overall, public and private interactive networks could be a more powerful force for change than the computer, the railway, or the small electric motor, forming a…

The cyborg, the ideology chip and the guru programme: the implications of cyborg technologies for the development of human consciousness

Charles D. Laughlin

There has been little thought given in science to the impact of direct brain‐machine interfacing upon the future development of human consciousness. Even less thought has…

A sustainable future for the Czech Republic: transition and human values

Pavel Novacek

This article summarizes the main findings of the study entitled Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Czech Republic. Using the methodology of National 21st Century…

Emerging economic sectors in the third millennium: introduction and overview of the “big five”

Graham T.T. Molitor

This introductory article, the first in a series of six, will describe the impending waves of economic activity projected to dominate the advanced economies over the…

The formal economy and the real world

Matko Meštrović

This article reports a wide range of complementary or antinomic insights into the multi‐layered globalizing process, in an attempt to understand its causes and…

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