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The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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The contours of the network society

Manuel Castells

This article identifies contemporary society as a network society made possible by new information and communication technologies which are both a necessary condition for…


The transformation of time in the information society

Matti Kamppinen

This article assesses the extent to which social transformations involve changes in their socially constructed temporal profiles and draws distinctions between cyclical…


Industrial ecology, information and sustainability

Brad Allenby

This article defines the new field of industrial ecology and identifies the fundamental premises which make this approach to the information society a significant…


The information society: environmental policy perspective and beyond

Pekka Jokinen

This article discusses prospects of strengthening new increasingly global economic activities and environmental governance by focusing on the institutional relationship…

The role of technology in shaping human society

Risto Linturi

Mankind has not changed biologically throughout history but human society is undergoing continuous development through the harnessing of information and knowledge in the…


Citizens’ communication capabilities in civil society

Marja‐Liisa Vihera

The study analyses citizens’ communication skills and expectations and demands made on these skills from the perspective of civil society. The work is both a conceptual…

Democracy beyond the information age: 21st century political communication

Christa Daryl Slaton, Ted Becker

This article asserts that modern representative democracy was never intended nor designed to function as a democracy and that progress in the past two hundred years has…


Technology driving change: scenarios for Europe in a global information society

Robert Pestel, Peter Johnston

This article outlines European ICT development scenarios to 2010, presents scenarios for the adoption of these technologies and network services and identifies scenarios…


Digital discrimination

Juha Nurmela

The aim of this article is threefold: first, to discuss a framework for understanding the penetration of information and communication technology (ICT) in Western…


Quality, information and maps in the information age

Risto Kalliola

This article highlights the potential challenges facing a number of different sectors in the modern information‐based society and discusses problems relating to the…

Knowledge and wisdom in the information society

Eero Pantzar

Regarding the information society’s outcome, the only certainty is that there has been a revolution in the management of bit‐split knowledge and information. A flood of…


Knowledge and information in futurology

Pentti Malaska

An account is given of futures research as a scientifically oriented field of knowledge. Its specific contemporary task as a study of transient change of the human society…

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