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The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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How to be rigorous with scenario planning

Michel Godet

In a recent issue of Futuribles, authors from the European Commission’s Forward Studies Unit outlined five scenarios for Europe 2010. The scenarios were constructed using…


Bridging the gap between scenarios and models

Emilio Fontela

Practitioners of futures research think that most modelling, and especially economic modelling, is concerned with forecasting. Since it is generally agreed that futures…

Durkheim among the geneticists? human genetics, ethics and methods in futures studies

Perri 6

It is widely claimed that new developments in human genetics will be instrumental in shaping life over the next century. But how, exactly, might these technologies affect…

The e‐factor: towards a theory of electronic capitalism

Simon Forge

Are we now entering the era of a new type of economy, with new rules? What we perceive is more than just an addition to today’s economics. By removing the effects of…

Trends and drivers in the information economy: strategic options for the insurance and banking industry

Graham T.T. Molitor

Hi‐tech communications transform the market‐place, demographics alter consumer demands, global and regional developments recast world dynamics. The USA is enjoying a…

Geese, tigers and dragons: convergence and integration of east Asian economies

Wang Kangmao, Hu Chun

This paper identifies the new economic force regenerating the East Asian economies in the post‐crisis era. Based on the convergence of five main economic indexes, it…


Towards the creative society: 21st century social dynamics

Wolfgang Michalski, Riel Miller, Barrie Stevens

The prospects for prosperity and well‐being in the 21st century will depend on leveraging social diversity to encourage technological, economic and social dynamism. A…

Revitalizing the United Nations: anticipation and prevention as primary goals

Alexandra Novosseloff

In tackling the on‐going topic of UN reform, one should be honest with the analysis of the problems at stake. It is necessary to first take into account the profound…

Reshaping universities for the future

Kriengsak Chareonwongsak

The position of universities as thought‐centres of society may not be as tenuous as some suggest, but a significant reshaping of the traditional identity and practices of…

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