Foresight: Volume 18 Issue 3


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

Table of contents - Special Issue: Research and innovation futures

Guest Editors: K. Matthias Weber, Effie Amanatidou, Lorenz Erdmann, Mika Nieminen

Research and innovation futures: exploring new ways of doing and organizing knowledge creation

K. Matthias Weber, Effie Amanatidou, Lorenz Erdmann, Mika Nieminen

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of research and innovation futures, sketch the landscape of recent findings in this field with a focus on new ways of doing and…


Rebooting science? Implications of science 2.0 main trends for scientific method and research institutions

Katarzyna Szkuta, David Osimo

This paper aims to analyse a set of converging trends underpinning a larger phenomenon called science 2.0 and to assess what are the most important implications for scientific…


New forms of innovation: critical issues for future pathways

Karl-Heinz Leitner, Philine Warnke, Wolfram Rhomberg

Although new forms of innovation such as open innovation, user innovation or crowdsourcing have been intensively discussed in the past decade, there is little systematic…


Constructing transformative scenarios for research and innovation futures

Lorenz Erdmann, Elna Schirrmeister

This article aims to advance the state of the art in constructing transformative scenarios by building upon Boudon’s social theory and to reflect its application to research and…


Strategies for emerging research and innovation futures

Effie Amanatidou, Ozcan Saritas, Denis Loveridge

This paper aims to present a set of strategic options for Research and Innovation (R&I) stakeholders in the light of new and emerging ways of organising and performing research…


Futures of science with and for society: towards transformative policy orientations

Ellen van Oost, Stefan Kuhlmann, Gonzalo Ordóñez-Matamoros, Peter Stegmaier

How to derive policy implications from five future scenarios of transformed research and innovation (R&I) systems? This paper analyzes methodological and content issues of five…


Science, technology and innovation systems of small economies under pressure – sketching three possible future pathways of the Finnish system

Mika Nieminen, Torsti Loikkanen, Antti Pelkonen

The purpose of this paper is to explore and discuss possible future pathways of the Finnish science, technology and innovation (STI) system. The paper sketches three speculative…

The future of Russian science through the prism of public policy

Mikhail Gershman, Tatiana Kuznetsova

During the past decade, Russian federal authorities have tried to build an effective national innovation system, strongly emphasizing a well-functioning science sector. The…

Researchers’ competencies in the coming decade: attitudes towards and expectations of the Russian innovation system

Natalia Shmatko

This paper aims to analyse the necessity and sufficiency of researchers’ and engineers’ competencies in the area of science and technology, given oncoming technological changes…

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