Foresight: Volume 16 Issue 3


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Procedural characteristics of the 4th Korean technology foresight

Moonjung Choi, Han-Lim Choi, Heyoung Yang

The aim of this paper is to describe procedural characteristics of the 4th technology foresight (TF) using search engines to discover emerging issues; analytic framework…


Exploring the structure of international technology diffusion

Hung-Chun Huang, Hsin-Yu Shih

This paper aims to provide a macro perspective on diffusion structure research, and to investigate the deep structure of international technology diffusion and structural…

A study on knowledge flows of dye-sensitized solar cells’ patent

James K.C. Chen, Van Kien Pham

The purpose of this paper is to determine the development and knowledge flows of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) via the use of patent inventor database. Moreover, this study…


Major factors contributing to wind power diffusion

Matti Lehtovaara, Matti Karvonen, Rahul Kapoor, Tuomo Sakari Kässi, Juha Pyrhönen

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the linkages between the technological, market and political environment in the wind power industry and their contribution to market…

The structure of bio-information-nano technology convergence from firms’ perspective

Keun-Hwan Kim, We Shim, Young-Ho Moon, Oh-Jin Kwon, Kang-hoe Kim, Jong-ku Son

This study aims to contribute to the comprehension of managerial implications in all the new convergences fields: bioinformation technology (BIT), nanoinformation technology…

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