Foresight: Volume 11 Issue 5


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

Table of contents - Special Issue: The “state of play” in the futures field

Guest Editors: Richard Slaughter, Chris Riedy

The state of play in the futures field: a metascanning overview

Richard Slaughter

The paper aims to introduce the first iteration of an international research project into the “state of play” in the futures field (SoPiFF) using methodology developed at the

Understanding and resolving the global problematique: assessing the balance between progressive and socially conservative foresight

Richard Slaughter, Chris Riedy

This paper draws on research undertaken for the State of Play in the Futures Field (SoPiFF) project and aims to explore the contribution of futures work to understanding and

The influence of futures work on public policy and sustainability

Chris Riedy

This paper aims to draw on a global scan of futures literature undertaken for the State of Play in the Futures Field (SOPIFF) project to investigate the contribution of futures


Foresight and futures in Europe: an overview

Graham H. May

As part of the State of Play of the Futures Field project this paper attempts to assess the nature of futures in Europe.


Futures schools of thought within the integral futures framework

Dennis Ray Morgan

This paper aims to expand on the findings of the SOPIFF project by identifying eight futures schools of thought, and then analyze and critique these through the integral futures

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