Foresight: Volume 1 Issue 4


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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The end of the world is not nigh

Herbert I. London

Popular fearmongers never let the facts ruin a good story, even though, this article reflects, history has proven the pessimists wrong. Pessimistic predictions in a range of areas…

Challenges for science policy in Europe

Peter A.J. Tendemans

The political discussion on the best way for Europe to build its future on science and technology should not be confined to what will come after the 5th Framework Programme. A…


Unshackling the future of work from the ideology of full employment

Colin C. Williams, Jan Windebank

This paper argues that by shackling the future of work to a vision of full employment, alternative futures are closed off. At present, employment creation is seen as the sole…

Constitutional futures: transforming the UK’s political landscape

Robert Hazell, David Sinclair

This article outlines the impact of significant constitutional reform in the UK. It uses scenarios of minimum and maximum outcomes of the process of devolving government to Wales…

Sustainability and supra‐communitarianism

Bruce E. Tonn

Sustainability is a permanent concern of humankind. It requires attention to environmental issues such as reducing pollution, limiting resource use, and protecting biodiversity…

Visionary management

Pentti Malaska, Karin Holstius

This article describes a futures‐oriented leadership process called visionary management as developed in the Finland Futures Research Centre and implemented successfully with…


The owner of time has the power

Maria‐Theresse Hoppe

Time is a man‐made phenomenon. Thus, it may also be owned. Ownership of time has been a decisive factor in the creation of affluence in societies throughout history. When a…

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