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Macroeconomic risk factors and Chinese FDIs in real estate: evidence from the Asia-Pacific public real estate markets

Alain Coën, Patrick Lecomte, Saadallah Zaiter

The aim of this study is to shed light on the relative importance of Chinese (Mainland China and Hong Kong: CH-HK) foreign direct investments (FDIs) in real estate (FDIRE) on the…

Decision-making biases in property investments in Prishtina, Kosovo

Visar Hoxha, Islam Hasani

The overall purpose of the study is to identify the impact of heuristics, prospect theory biases and personality traits on property investment decision-making of rank and file…

Forecasting office rents with ensemble models – the case for European real estate markets

Benedict von Ahlefeldt-Dehn, Marcelo Cajias, Wolfgang Schäfers

Commercial real estate and office rental values, in particular, have long been the focus of research. Several forecasting frameworks for office rental values in multivariate and…

The dynamic role of the Japanese property sector REITs in mixed-assets portfolio

Muhammad Zaim Razak

This study examined the dynamic role of the Japanese property sector, particularly the real estate investment trusts (REITs), in mixed-asset portfolios of stocks and bonds, as…

Capitalisation rates for commercial real estate investments: evidence from Australia

Woon Weng Wong, Kwabena Mintah, Kingsley Baako, Peng Yew Wong

The paper is motivated by the paucity of empirical research on the determinants of capitalisation rates/yield in the commercial property market. Compared to property price…

Practice Briefing Analysis of the emergence and initial performance of REITs in India

Siddhant Walia, Sankersan Sarkar, Birajit Mohanty, Subhabaha Pal

In 2014, real estate investment trust (REIT) emerged as a new alternative investment option in India. This research aims to give an empirical authentication of the Indian REITs…

Education Briefing Property investment: portfolio modelling

Michael Patrick, Nick French

The aim of this briefing is to look at the often overlooked impact of gearing (or leverage) on risk. The positive impact on equity return in a strong market is gained by…

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