Journal of Property Investment & Finance: Volume 39 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: PropTech & Entrepreneurship - Innovation in Real Estate II

Guest Editors: Larry Wofford, Elaine M. Worzala, David Wyman

Impacts of digitization on real estate sector jobs

Daniel Piazolo, Utku Cem Dogan

Previous research on automation and job disruption is only marginally related to the real estate industry and its characteristics. This study investigates the effects of…


Crowdfunding REITs: a new asset class for the real estate industry?

Lucia Gibilaro, Gianluca Mattarocci

The paper aims to study the performance of crowdfunding REITs with respect to traditional REITs in order to evaluate the differences in the risk–return profile and their…

Fundamentals for automating due diligence processes in property transactions

Philipp Maximilian Müller, Philipp Päuser, Björn-Martin Kurzrock

This research provides fundamentals for generating (partially) automated standardized due diligence reports. Based on original digital building documents from (institutional…

R.E. property meets technology: cross-country comparison and general framework

Chiara Tagliaro, Stefano Bellintani, Gianandrea Ciaramella

Due to the young age of proptech, little is known about the dynamics of its expansion. In particular, there is limited agreement about a definition of “proptech,” while different…


Innovation and the ambidextrous mindset in commercial real estate: a paradox management approach

Larry E. Wofford, David Wyman, Christopher W. Starr

This paper addresses decision-making for commercial real estate (CRE) firms and professionals within the context of rapid technological innovations capable of business model…

The rise of PropTech: emerging industrial technologies and their impact on real estate

Christopher W. Starr, Jesse Saginor, Elaine Worzala

Industry 4.0 recognizes a broad set of technologies that rapidly redefine industry, including real estate. These broad technologies include the Internet of things (IoT), cloud…


The technological impact on real estate investing: robots vs humans: new applications for organisational and portfolio strategies

Lawrence A Souza, Olga Koroleva, Elaine Worzala, China Martin, Alicia Becker, Nathaniel Derrick

The goal of this paper is to present a roadmap for real estate operating companies (REOCs) to transform themselves into tech-centric enterprises.

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