Journal of Property Investment & Finance: Volume 36 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: German Real Estate: ERES 2016

Guest Editors: Sven Bienert

Exploring the determinants of liquidity with big data – market heterogeneity in German markets

Marcelo Cajias, Philipp Freudenreich

The purpose of this paper is to examine the market liquidity (time-on-market (TOM)) and its determinants, for rental dwellings in the largest seven German cities, with big data.

The real alternative? A comparison of German real estate returns with bonds and stocks

Nikodem Szumilo, Thomas Wiegelmann, Edyta Łaszkiewicz, Michal Bernard Pietrzak, Adam P. Balcerzak

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate how real estate returns behaved over the last two decades in relation to the other two asset types. This allows a direct evaluation of how…

Spatial effects and non-linearity in hedonic modeling: Will large data sets change our assumptions?

Marcelo Cajias, Sebastian Ertl

The purpose of this paper is to test the asymptotic properties and prediction accuracy of two innovative methods proposed along the hedonic debate: the geographically weighted…

How flood risk impacts residential rents and property prices: Empirical analysis of a German property market

Jens Hirsch, Jonas Hahn

The purpose of this paper is to quantify the impact of 100-year flood risk on both property rents and values in Germany, exemplified by the market of the historic city of…

Does urban tourism attractiveness affect young adult migration in Germany?

Philipp Schäfer, Tobias Just

The purpose of this paper is to analyze whether urban tourism attractiveness affects young adult migration within Germany. Currently, factors like urban attractiveness…

The emergence and performance of German REITs

Graeme Newell, Muhammad Jufri Marzuki

German real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a small but important property investment vehicle in the European REIT landscape, offering German commercial property investment…


Green pay off in commercial real estate in Germany: assessing the role of Super Trophy status

Christian Ott, Jonas Hahn

Based on a hedonic regression approach, the purpose of this paper is to relativize existing green pay off evidence by incorporating Super Trophy as a so far underrepresented…

H2020 – RentalCal – European rental housing framework for the profitability calculation of energy efficiency retrofitting investments

Joseph-Alexander Zeitler

Most of the European apartment blocks are rental units of which the majority needs major refurbishments in upcoming years to achieve climate goals. On the other hand, it is still…

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