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Asset acquisition criteria: A process tracing investigation into real estate investment decision making

Vivek Sah

The purpose of this paper is to observe the decision‐making behavior of real estate investors, both novice and experts. In doing so, the study looks at the information content of…


What motivates REITs to pay cash versus other forms of payment in mergers and acquisitions?

Khaled Abdou, Sudip Ghosh

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the payment of percentage cash from total payment in a REITs mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transaction.


A repeat sales index robust to small datasets

Michel Baroni, Fabrice Barthélémy, Mahdi Mokrane

This paper aims to test the robustness of the trend and volatility estimations for two indices: the classical Weighted Repeat Sales and a PCA factorial index. The estimations are…

Elixir or delusion: General systems risk management and A‐REIT entity performance

Simon Huston, Clive Warren, Peter Elliott

The purpose of this paper is to develop a General Systems Theory (GST) risk management framework and conducts a preliminary investigation into its potential benefits.


The reliability of investment property fair values under IFRS

Thomas Nellessen, Henning Zuelch

The valuation of property companies and fair value accounting for investment properties under IFRS are closely affiliated with each other. This is because property companies are…


The real estate investment of insurance companies in Poland

Rafal Wolski, Magdalena Zaleczna

The purpose of this paper is to identify possible reasons for insurance companies' scant interest in real estate as investment asset in Poland. The authors attempt to determine…

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