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Table Of Contents: Volume 13 Issue 4 - Special Issue: Benchmarking in Total Quality Management

A benchmarking implementation framework for automotive manufacturing SMEs

Baba, Deros, Sha'ri Mohd Yusof, Azhari, Salleh

The purpose of this paper is to present a conceptual framework for benchmarking implementation in small medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs) taking into consideration their…

The use of multi‐attribute utility theory to determine the overall best‐in‐class performer in a benchmarking study

Terry R. Collins, Manuel D. Rossetti, Heather L. Nachtmann, James R. Oldham

To investigate the application of multi‐attribute utility theory (MAUT) to aid in the decision‐making process when performing benchmarking gap analysis.

Role of human factors in TQM: a graph theoretic approach

Sandeep Grover, V.P. Agrawal, I.A. Khan

To represent the effect of ‘human factors in total quality management (TQM) environment’ in terms of a single numerical index by considering their inheritances and interactions.

Tourism services quality (TourServQual) in Egypt

Mohammed I. Eraqi

This research paper aims is to evaluate the customer's views related to tourism quality in Egypt. It attempts to measure the extent to which tourism business environment…

An empirically validated quality management measurement instrument

Prakash J. Singh, Alan Smith

To develop a quality management (QM) measurement instrument that has sound psychometric properties and recognizes a key feature of the field, i.e. QM is currently…

A worldwide analysis of ISO 9000 standard diffusion

F. Franceschini, M. Galetto, P. Cecconi

To provide a cross‐section of International Standardization Organization (ISO) 9000 quality certification diffusion over time and its impact on industrial systems.



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