International Journal of Development Issues: Volume 5 Issue 1


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Rising inequality in the new global economy

Nancy Birdsall

The world is not ‘flat’. Globalization is disequalizing, rewarding the already rich while leaving the poor behind, making rising inequality more, not less likely. There…

The impact of ethnic diversity on growth: the regional differences

Benhua Yang

Using a sample of 86 countries over the 1960–1999 period, this paper investigates the differential growth effects of ethnic division across cultural regions. While the…

Criteria for assessing sustainable energy technology for rural Bangladesh

Ershad Ali

This paper examines, based on certain criteria, the most feasible sustainable energy technology (SET) for rural Bangladesh. The criteria used for the appropriateness of…

Debt bondage in the brokerage system: a case study of sugarcane migrants in Tamil Nadu

Augendra Bhukuth

In this paper, we deal with one form of bonded labour generating under the brokerage system. We have led a qualitative survey in a small village of South India to study…

Information technology and mass poverty

Jeffrey James

If information technology (IT) is to have a mass impact on those living in rural areas of developing countries, it cannot occur on the basis of ownership (as it does in…

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