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Table Of Contents: Volume 17 Issue 3

Household consumption expenditure and inequality: evidence from Nigerian data

Emmanuel O. Nwosu, Obed Ojonta, Anthony Orji

Enhancing household consumption and reducing inequality are among the fundamental goals of many developing countries. The purpose of this study therefore is to…

Divergences in expatriating, remitting and investing remittances between semi-urban and rural Bangladesh

M. Aminul Islam Akanda

The purpose of this study is to explore the pattern of expansion of overseas market for wage earners, inflow of remittances, its disposal pattern and the extent of…

Remittance and poverty in developing countries

Tajul Ariffin Masron, Yogeeswari Subramaniam

Remittances to developing countries, especially less developed countries, have been growing tremendously as compared to the past few decades. Nevertheless, whether they…

The trade integration and Pakistan’s export performance

Shaista Alam

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of trade integration on Pakistan’s export performance (value of exports, number of exporters and number of products…

African growth convergence: role of institutions and macroeconomic policies

Muftau Olaiya Olarinde, Zakari Abdullahi Yahaya

The purpose of this study is to examine the role of institutions and policies on growth convergence in Africa.

Estimating child mortality attributable to war in Yemen

Dlorah Jenkins, Marcus Marktanner, Almuth D. Merkel, David Sedik

Quantifying the burden of war (BOW) beyond battle deaths is often impossible in ongoing conflicts. Consequently, indirect consequences of war can be overlooked in public…



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