Qualitative Research Journal: Volume 8 Issue 2


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When Research Content Reflects Research Process ‐ Unexpected But Welcomed Symmetries

Glyn Thomas

Descriptions of research conducted within the interpretive research paradigm do not always capture its messy and unpredictable nature. The naturalistic inquiry described in this…

Dialogue About Dialogue ‐ Investigating Intersubjectivity in Interview Research

Sara DeTurk, Elissa Foster

This essay represents a dialogue between the two co‐authors about the role of intersubjectivity in their respective fields of research‐intergroup dialogue and communication at the…

Anecdotally Speaking ‐ Using Stories to Generate Organisational Change

Paddy O’Toole, Steven Talbot, Justin Fidock

Stories told in organisations are being used increasingly as a way of gaining greater insight into organisational culture, leadership and health. These insights should be…

Health Care Decision‐Making ‐ A Focus Group Study Involving Health Professionals and the General Public

Bradley Shrimpton, John McKie, Rosalind Hurworth, Catherine Bell, Jeff Richardson

Faced with an ageing population and newspaper warnings that escalating costs are leading to a health crisis, debate has intensified in Australia and elsewhere on the allocation of…

Qualitative Research and Professional Practice ‐ Evaluation of the Hy Vong Moi (New Hope) Program

Carmel Seibold

This paper reports on an evaluation of the ‘Hy Vong Moi’ (New Hope) program aimed at providing emotional, physical and cultural support to new parents of Vietnamese origin living…

The Implications of Qualitative ‐ Research Software for Doctoral Work Considering the Individual and Institutional Context

Judith Davidson, Cynthia Jacobs

As qualitative researchers struggle to come to grips with the technological revolution, they are faced with the necessity of learning and teaching qualitative data analysis…

The Qualitative Research Process as a Journey ‐ Mapping Your Course with Qualitative Research Software

Stuart P. Robertson

This paper examines two planning tools incorporating the use of a computer‐assisted qualitative data analysis software package as applied to an actual research study. The first is…

Enhancing Validity of a Qualitative Dissertation Research Study by Using NVIVO

Carolyn J. Siccama, Stacy Penna

As qualitative researchers struggle to come to grips with the technological revolution, they are faced with the necessity of learning and teaching qualitative data analysis…


Intercultural Issues in Conducting Health Care Qualitative Research

Quynh Lê

Traditionally health care research is often valued on the evidence‐based basis, which is dominated by statistically motivated quantitative research. However, the increasingly…

Cultural and Political Factors in Conducting Qualitative Research in China

Gui Ying Yang, Thao Lê

One of the main strengths of qualitative research is to focus on ideas, concepts and meanings involving individuals and groups of people in their own discourse. Instead of testing…

Using Action Research ‐ To Gauge the Quality of Feedback Given to Student Teachers While on Professional Teaching Practice

Stephanie White

Student teachers completing a three year pre‐service primary teaching degree in New Zealand experience a practical teaching component called professional practice. This is carried…

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