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Gender‐specific differences in the psychosocial adjustment of parents of a child with duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) ‐ Two points of view for a shared experience

Eva M. Tomiak, Andre Samson, Sarah A. Miles, Mireille C. Choquette, Pranesh K. Chakraborty, Pierre J. Jacob

Research was conducted on parents’ experience of caring for a child living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). The focus of this research was on the key psychological aspects…

Arts‐based research in design education

Jill Franz

There is an urgent need in terms of changing world conditions to move beyond the dualist paradigm that has traditionally informed design research, education and practice. Rather…

Who are we? From a modern Cartesian self to alternative views on selfhood

Jasmina Sermijn, Gerrit Loots, Patrick Devlieger

The advent of postmodernism, post structuralism and social constructionism led over the last years to a multitude of theoretical philosophical reflections on possible meanings of…

The use of (future) search conferences as a qualitative improvement tool ‐ Three Australian examples

Rosalind Hurworth

A (future) search conference is a carefully planned, custom‐designed, participative event embedded in a longer process of planning and improvement. Its main focus is to create…

Thinking with things, teaching with things ‐ Enhancing student learning in qualitative research through reflective use of tools and materials

Sarah Kuhn, Judith Davidson

In this article, two experienced QR instructors argue that reflective attention to the tools and materials used by researchers and instructors can help to enhance student…

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