Qualitative Research Journal: Volume 24 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: When intercultural communication meets translation studies: divergent experiences in qualitative inquiries

Guest Editors: Narongdej Phanthaphoommee, Nuntiya Doungphummes

Towards a more balanced treatment of culture in international business using an ethnographic design: a multinational family business case study

Viktoriya Zipper-Weber, Andrea Mandik

The negative cultural bias vis-à-vis international business and cross-cultural management has been duly acknowledged, necessitating recommendations towards investigating its…

Being on the inside: a research methodology for data collection within the inner circle of the domain of video game translation/localization in Thailand

Koraya Techawongstien

The Thai video game domain has witnessed substantial growth in recent years. However, many games enjoyed by Thai players are in foreign languages, with only a handful of titles…

Animal Farm afterlife: epitextual values

Gritiya Rattanakantadilok

The present article seeks to further the analysis by examining the epitext employed by the press seeing as the epitext in the digital spaces might have given Animal Farm and its…

A phenomenological study of university lecturers’ EFL teaching challenges in an Asian setting

Marlon Sipe, Reynaldo Gacho Segumpan

English, the lingua franca of the world, permeates a global teaching-learning space not only for communication per se but also as a medium of instruction and social interaction…

Critical realism, ethnography and translations: an investigation into a Japanese school

Richard H. Derrah

In this article, I explore how critical realism influenced the methods and methodology as well as the translations of interviews from Japanese into English and the interpretations…

Understanding communicative relationships between caregivers and foreign retirees: a diffractive vignettes approach

Narongdej Phanthaphoommee, Sunida Siwapathomchai

This article seeks to provide a fresh perspective on the methodological approach to studying caregiving in a transnational context by analysing, local caregiver’s lifeworld…

Translating Buddhist mindfulness into action: engaging older Thai adults in participatory action research

Nuntiya Doungphummes, Sirintorn Bhibulbhanuvat, Theeraphong Boonrugsa

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate and discuss the application of mindfulness practices rooted in Buddhism as the methodological praxis in implementing participatory…

Emic and etic perspectives in transnational migration research: methodological reflections of a cross-national research team

Kwanchit Sasiwongsaroj, Mitsuko Ono, Sutpratana Duangkaew, Yumi Kimura

This article presents fieldwork perspectives and research reflexivity gained from the cross-national research team, with the aim of promoting better qualitative research practices…

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