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Young people and post-pandemic futures: scenario planning as a radical politics of hope

Peter Kelly, Seth Brown, James Goring

In this paper we report on the outcomes of a scenario planning project in Melbourne's (Australia) inner northern suburbs, which was undertaken in the context of an extended…

Application of Guba and Lincoln's parallel criteria to assess trustworthiness of qualitative research on indigenous social protection systems

Oko Chima Enworo

This paper illustrates how Guba and Lincoln's parallel criteria for establishing trustworthiness, can be adapted and applied to qualitative research on indigenous social…


Exploring children's out-of-school lifeworlds: video re-enactments with children in three global cities

Nicola Yelland, Clare Bartholomaeus, Anita Kit-wa Chan

This article reflects on the adaption of Sarah Pink's video re-enactment methodology for exploring children's out-of-school lifeworlds.

Revisiting Peshkin: teaching reflexive practice through categorization

Elizabeth M. Pope, Stephanie Anne Shelton

Qualitative research is well-established and widely adopted across a range of disciplines; however, there is little discussion of the teaching of qualitative research methods…

A celebration of the rich tapestry of phenomenology's commonalities

Emma L. Turley

Phenomenology has a long tradition as a qualitative research method in the social and health sciences. The application of phenomenological methods to understand lived experiences…

A tale from extensive readers in an online extensive reading classroom

Moch Imam Machfudi, Sandi Ferdiansyah

While extensive reading has been widely implemented in face-to-face settings, few studies have examined how extensive reading in online classrooms is enacted. The present study…

Does the “big tent” include non-academics? Social media content creators conducting critical scholarship

Nicole Sankofa

LeftTube – a loosely connected community of left-leaning content creators on YouTube – includes a subsection of video essayists that conduct scholarly work seemingly adjacent to…

Adolescents' mental health, coping strategies, social support and interventions: a qualitative study in Switzerland

Lorraine Chok, Joan-Carles Suris, Yara Barrense-Dias

Adolescence is an important life stage including physical, emotional and social changes that make adolescents vulnerable to mental health issues. To face these emotional and…

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