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Using life-history narrative writing to examine EFL preservice teachers' preconceptions of teaching and teachers and their initial motivation to undertake teacher education

Usep Syaripudin, Apandi

This study examines EFL preservice teachers' life-history narrative. The objectives of the examination were to identify the preconceptions of teaching and teachers that the…

How do Pakistani drama serials discursively represent domestic violence?

Faiqa Ahmad

The objective of this study was to look closely at how domestic violence is represented in Pakistani drama serials to see if portrayals are reinforcing stereotypical and/or…

Do you see what I see? Enhancement of rigour in qualitative approaches to inquiry: a systematic review of evidence

Eira Wyn Patterson, Kerry Ball, Jessica Corkish, Isabella May Whittick

The purpose of this paper is to synthesise current literature on the conceptualisation of rigour within qualitative studies and to identify factors which contribute to the…

Adolescents' mental health and emotional problems: a qualitative study in Switzerland

Lorraine Chok, Joan-Carles Suris, Yara Barrense-Dias

Mental disorders are the main cause of morbidity among 10–19 year-olds and current research indicates that youth mental health problems are rising, especially with the coronavirus…

Interpersonal dimensions of self-criticism: exploring nuanced social processes through vignettes in interpretative phenomenological analysis

Caroline Winzenried, Jennifer Coburn

The purpose of this study was twofold: to explore the everyday experiences and interpretations of verbalised self-criticism in emergent adult males (ages 18–25) in social contexts…

Studying leadership: an eclectic approach to qualitative data collection and analysis

Cristina L. Eftenaru

This paper describes the approach to studying leadership within the interpretive paradigm that the author undertook for their doctoral research.

The subtle art of (re)framing your mind

Dima Yousef

The purpose of this study is to explore through the author’s personal experience the impact rebuilding the author’s well-being had on the author’s identity and efficacy as a…

Lessons learned in the field: conducting qualitative research with Bangladeshi immigrant communities in Lisbon, Brussels and Boston

Rodela Anjum Khan

This article presents fieldwork perspectives gained from conducting qualitative research among Bangladeshi immigrant communities in Lisbon (Portugal), Boston (Massachusetts – USA…

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