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Navigating “the chaos”: teacher considerations while adapting curriculum and instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic

Erin Nerlino

The pandemic has presented many new challenges tasking teachers with meeting the various social-emotional, academic and logistical needs of students in the midst of an…

Marginalized engineering students' narrative construction through photo elicitation

Debalina Maitra, Brooke Coley

The goal of this study is to explore an immediate step in understanding the lived experiences of under-represented students through metaphor construction and possibly collect more…

A constructivist grounded study on children's perception of loneliness after parental divorce

Soraya Ramezanzadeh, Ozra Etemadi, Faramarz Asanjarani

Divorce has negative effects on children, although emotions that children experience after parental divorce are open to different interpretations. Accordingly, this study was…

Speaking the language of defence: narratives of doctoral examiners on the PhD viva

Wee Chun Tan

This paper aims to investigate doctoral examiners' narratives on their expectations of the candidate's oral performance in the PhD viva. Both the PhD examiners and handbooks that…

Creating diversification through hybrid identities and educational encounters: the power of a third space

Balwant Kaur

This paper explores the contextual factors that support the necessity of a diversified curriculum. The author draws on the findings of the author's doctoral research to consider…

Cultural identity construction of Iranian EFL teachers: a narrative study in the context of private language institutes

Mahmood Reza Moradian, Akram Ramezanzadeh, Fatemeh Ershadi

This narrative study seeks to explore cultural identity (CI) construction of Iranian English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers in light of Tong and Cheung's (2011) definition…

How do we design and conduct cross-language research? A reflexive approach building on Squires' criteria

Daeul Jeong

This paper demonstrates complexity surrounding cross-language research involving an interpreter and illustrates how the author attempted to ensure methodological rigor through…

Digital storytelling with South African youth: a critical reflection

Diane Levine, Linda Theron

In this paper the authors share, and reflect critically on, the experience of using digital storytelling (DS) methods in a South African township. We interrogate the innovations…

Negotiating insider research through reactive collaboration: challenges, issues and failures

Miriam Snellgrove, Samantha Punch

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the ways in which reactive researcher collaboration helps to manage some of the challenges present in insider research.

Experiencing time elapse phenomenon in nostalgia: effect on consumption behavior in adulthood

Manuel Sotelo-Duarte, Rajagopal

This paper aims to understand how mental time traveling impacts consumption by triggering nostalgia. The effects of nostalgic behavior are explored further in regards of its…

The advantages of using negotiated syllabus in EFL classes: exploring the undergraduate students' perceptions

Ali Pakdaman, Goudarz Alibakhshi, Abdollah Baradaran

A couple of decades ago, the negotiated syllabus was introduced as an alternative to the predetermined syllabus. The review of the related studies shows the number of studies on…

Collegiality, emotional labour and compassion in the academy: an autoethnographic study of Covid-19

Iro Konstantinou, Elizabeth Miller

The paper draws upon autoethnographic accounts from two academic staff in a private higher education institution (HEI) in London, UK who try to make sense of their teaching and…

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