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It soon became clear – insights into technology and participation

Cornelia Travnicek, Daniela Stoll, Andreas Reichinger, Jonathan Rix

This paper aims to explore the experience of working with different conceptualisations of participation and participatory practice. This is done through an examination of the…

Humor and learning styles: toward a deeper understanding of learning effectiveness in the virtual environment

Steven Tam

This study explores how virtual learners perceive the use of humor in instructor-developed videos and their other factors for learning effectiveness in an online course.

A trio of teacher education voices: developing professional relationships through co-caring and belonging during the pandemic

Dawn Joseph, Reshmi Lahiri-Roy, Jemima Bunn

This research is situated at a metropolitan university in Melbourne (Australia) where the authors work in initial teacher education programs within the same faculty. The purpose…

Dialogic storying: a narrative research methodology in English language education

Siddhartha Dhungana

The article aims at analyzing narratives discourses to project dialogic storying as relevant in a mode of narrative research in English language education.

Insider/outsider researcher positionality impact: lessons from researching the social construction of HIV stigma and sexual health-seeking behaviour within black sub-Sahara African communities

Mathew Nyashanu

The paper aims to show the impact of insider/outsider researcher positionality and the lessons from researching the social construction of HIV stigma and sexual health-seeking…

Exploring inequalities in health with young people through online focus groups: navigating the methodological and ethical challenges

Nicholas Woodrow, Hannah Fairbrother, Mary Crowder, Elizabeth Goyder, Naomi Griffin, Eleanor Holding, Helen Quirk

The use of online focus groups to explore children and young people's (CYP) perspectives of inequalities in health and associated “sensitive” topics raises important ethical and…

An exploratory study of workplace spirituality and employee well-being affecting public service motivation: an institutional perspective

Sobia Hassan, Nighat Ansari, Ali Rehman

The present study aimed to find out the relationship of public service motivation (PSM) with other positive aspects, that is workplace spirituality and employee well-being among…

I'm a slave man for sure: incarcerated teens' restoried narratives of resistance

Judith M. Dunkerly, Julia Morris Poplin

The purpose of this study was to challenge the “single story” narrative the authors utilize counterstorytelling as an analytic tool to reveal the paradox of exploring human rights…

Riding a rollercoaster in a hurricane – researching my own chronic illness

Rachel Murphy, Belinda Harris, Katharine Wakelin

This article outlines the experience of conducting Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis research into the chronic illness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, an incurable condition…

The distinctions of Heideggerian phenomenological research method

Son TH Pham

This current paper attempts to bring more light to the current debate of understanding phenomenological research methods, in order to clarify the interpretive phenomenological…

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