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Something is happening: encountering silence in disability research

Chelsea Jones, Fiona Cheuk

Often, researchers view silence as antagonistic to equity-aimed projects. Because verbal, written, and textually agentive communications are presumed to be the most valid…

Cross-language qualitative research studies dilemmas: a research review

Nurfaradilla Mohamad Nasri, Nurfarahin Nasri, Mohamad Asyraf Abd Talib

Cross-language qualitative research has gained momentum worldwide; yet, there is still a lack of consensus to guide researchers in ensuring the trustworthiness of the research…

Are you a spy? On the inconveniences of conventional methodology in terror wrap ethnography

Asif Iqbal Dawar

The purpose of this paper is to explain the significance of contextually localized strategies and to engage researchers in critical reflection about the ethical dilemmas of…

When method fails: walking as an alt-meth in a volatile context

Gabriele Griffin

The purpose of this paper is to explore why the use of a particular qualitative method, walking, failed in a given context, the Chile of contemporary unrest.

At-home ethnography: a native researcher’s fieldwork reflections

Azher Hameed Qamar

In last few decades, the native anthropology has been highlighted for its potential to immediately grasping cultural familiarity, contextual sensitivity, and rapport building…

Negotiating conflicts of interest: working with multiple stakeholders

Catharina Juul Kristensen

The purpose of this article is to examine conflicts of interest (COI) in qualitative social research with multiple and often powerful stakeholders such as organisations and…

Negotiating gatekeepers and positionality in building trust for accessing the urban poor in the Global South

Lutfun Nahar Lata

This paper explores the importance of building trust and rapport with participants using gatekeepers and insider-outsider dynamics in accessing vulnerable research participants in…

“Drawing out” understandings through arts-based inquiry in teacher education

Shelley Margaret Hannigan, Jo Raphael

This paper explains a collaborative self-study research project that included an evolving arts-based inquiry (ABI) approach. The combined experiences of a visual artist/art…

Exploring teacher quality with a/r/tography in a teacher education course in China

Laura B. Liu, Jiaoli Wang

This study aims to model the creative pedagogy of children's book development and then engages teacher education students in this work, as a way to explore and express conceptions…

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