Qualitative Research Journal: Volume 20 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: The Practice of Qualitative Research in Migration Studies: Ethical Issues as a Methodological Challenge

Guest Editors: Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Evren Yalaz

Qualitative migration research ethics: a roadmap for migration scholars

Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Evren Yalaz

This article aims to set a roadmap for an ethical programme, which we call “qualitative migration research ethics” (QMRE). It is a scoping review that maps current ethical…

Ethical dilemmas and challenges in ethnographic migration research

Martha Montero-Sieburth

Argued is the need for: (1) a clearer interpretation of procedural ethics guidelines; (2) the identification and development of ethical field case study models which can be…

Distinctive ethical challenges in qualitative research with migrant children

Diego Castillo Goncalves

This paper describes distinctive ethical challenges encountered in qualitative research with migrant children. It brings attention to how the exploratory nature of qualitative…

Reflections on the interplay between procedural, relational and socio-political ethics in ethnographic research with West-African women working in prostitution in Brussels

Sophie Samyn, Sarah Adeyinka, Sami Zemni, Ilse Derluyn

This study aims to explore and discuss the ethical challenges that the authors encountered in the SWIPSER project, a study about the well-being of West-African women who work in…

Ethics of relational and representational disclosures in qualitative migration research

Justyna Bell, Agnieszka Trąbka, Paula Pustulka

This article engages with the framework of performativity to unpack ethical challenges of interviewing migrants in the setting of shared ethnic background of researchers and…

Empowerment or exposure? Ethical dilemmas of visual methods with vulnerable migrants

Melissa Hauber-Özer, Meagan Call-Cummings

The purpose of this paper is to present a typology of the treatment of ethical issues in recent studies using visual participatory methods with immigrants and refugees and provide…

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