Qualitative Research Journal: Volume 20 Issue 1


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How do doctoral students interpret the idea of being part of a doctoral community at an English business school?

David William Stoten

The purpose of this paper is to elicit the views of students on their experiences of being part of a doctoral community. In doing so, this paper will shed light on the success of…

Stories told and performed: a methodology for researching drama assessment in schools

Rachael Jacobs

A methodology that combined ethnographies, including the ethnography of performance with narrative inquiry was used in a research project investigating the assessment of senior…

“Ducking, diving and playing along”: Negotiating everyday heteroerotic subjectivity in the field

Memory Mphaphuli, Gabriele Griffin

The purpose of this paper is to explore the fieldwork dilemmas a young, female, heterosexual, indigenous South African researching everyday negotiations around heterosexuality…

Recollage as a tool for self-care: Reflecting multimodally on first five years in the academy through Schwab’s lines of flight

Georgina Barton

Working in the academy can be both challenging and exciting as it can be trying and difficult to negotiate if one is unprepared. Past research has acknowledged the importance of…

Theory and practice: from Delphi-study to pedagogical training

Melina Andronie, Sebastian Krzyzek, Lena Bien-Miller, Anja Wildemann

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the combination of Delphi and focus group techniques and on the utilization of qualitative content analysis in this context. Moreover, it…

Structuring arts-based analysis in portraiture research

Annie Straka

The purpose of this paper is to describe the development of an innovative arts-based analysis process within the framework of portraiture methodology. The paper provides an…

Q-method as a tool to facilitate meaningful public engagement with science

Stéphanie Gauttier

Researchers are expected to find ways to make citizens participate in research to support responsible and open conceptions of science. New methods for engagement need to be found…

Engaging young people through photovoice in coastal resorts

Sarah Tickle

The purpose of this paper is to examine and reflect upon the value of using a camera with young people in the research process. In particular, the paper discusses the…

A practical example of using theoretical sampling throughout a grounded theory study: A methodological paper

Titan Ligita, Nichole Harvey, Kristin Wicking, Intansari Nurjannah, Karen Francis

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the practical use of theoretical sampling as a method for selecting data that provide a richer and deeper understanding of the phenomenon…


Shifting identities: exploring occupational identity for those in recovery from an eating disorder

Esther Dark, Sarah Carter

The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature, transition and formation of occupational identity for those in recovery from eating disorders (EDs).


What a highly controversial ethnography says about tensions, problematizations and inequality in contemporary ethnographic practice and regulation

Anson Au

The purpose of this paper is to illuminate how inequality – in the way ethnography as a research tool itself is used – underwrites many of the methodological tensions in the…

Triangulation with video observation when studying teachers’ practice

Mette Molbæk, Rune Müller Kristensen

The purpose of this paper is to discuss methodological issues concerning the use of video observation of a single lesson as a supplement to interviews when studying teachers’…

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