Qualitative Research Journal: Volume 17 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Bordering, exclusions and necropolitics

Guest Editors: Marisela Montenegro, Joan Pujol, Silvia Posocco

Bordering, exclusions and necropolitics

Marisela Montenegro, Joan Pujol, Silvia Posocco

Contemporary governmentality combines biopolitical and necropolitical logics to establish social, political and physical borders that classify and stratify populations using…


Borders and margins: debates on intersectionality for critical research

Ilana Mountian

The purpose of this paper is to debate intersectionality as a key methodological aspect for critical research. While intersectionality is a consensus for critical studies, it is…

Recollection-as-method in social welfare practice: dirty work, shame and resistance

Rachael Dobson

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a methodology for critical welfare practice research, “recollection-as-method”, and to use this to demonstrate the social relations of…

Life, death, ethnography: epistemologies and methods of the quasi-event

Silvia Posocco

What difference, if any, does it make to appeal to the ordinary and the everyday, the situated and always-already-in-relation, the emergent and the quasi-event (Povinelli, 2011)…

Gather in my name, my skin, my everything… (“Gather in my Name”: Maya Angelou, 1974)

Gabrielle Hesk

Based on a performance of a conversation between my white mother and myself – her mixed race black daughter – the purpose of this paper is to deconstruct the complexity of the…

Location as method

Suryia Nayak

This paper grapples with a number of intersecting predicaments to frame a necropolitical question of who is allowed to inhabit and survive the locations of research, writing and…

Dislocations, dis-possessions: more movements of the people

Carole Boyce-Davies

The purpose of this paper is to engage theoretical displacement with the actual identifications of human displacement caused by dire circumstances of war and economic oppression…

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