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New approaches for new media: moving towards a connected methodology

Owen Barden

Defining and describing research methodologies is difficult. Methodologies have similarities and resonances, and overlapping characteristics. Familiar labels of case study, action…

To an audience of “I”: A discussion of the digital, narrativity and performance in internet blog research

Shane Duggan

This paper attempts to conceive the “narrated event” by considering the use of open‐ended a‐synchronous “blogs” in a current PhD study looking at the perceptions of 30 senior…


Facing the methodological challenges of re‐using previously collected data in a qualitative inquiry

Dennis James Foster, Terrence Hays, Frances Alter

This paper aims to assist researchers considering the benefits and constraints of re‐using previously collected data (sourced from media in the public domain) as the sample for a…

Unspeakable stories: when counter narratives are deemed unacceptable

Susan Gair, Sharon Moloney

Qualitative researchers embrace insider narratives and affirm an environment where stories of lived experiences are acceptable and welcomed. Equally, subjective narratives often…


Narrative inquiry and nursing research

Brenda Green

Traditional academic discourse in qualitative studies is devoid of the subjective individual, and lacks the particulars of experience and the lifelikeness that evokes meaning when…


Visual ethnography and refugee women: nuanced understandings of lived experiences

Caroline Lenette, Jennifer Boddy

This paper aims to reinforce the significance of visual ethnography as a tool for mental health promotion.


“These wars are personal”: methods and theory in feminist online research

Frances Shaw

This paper aims to explore the methodological and epistemological assumptions that have foregrounded the author's research into discursive activism in Australian feminist blogs…


Simulated jury decision making in online focus groups

Samantha J. Tabak, Bianca Klettke, Tess Knight

A significant issue in jury research has been the use of individual jurors to analyse jury decision‐making. This paper aimed to examine the applicability of computer‐mediated…

Using narratives to understand progress in youth alcohol and other drug treatment

Mandy Wilson, Sherry Saggers, Helen Wildy

This paper aims to illustrate how narrative research techniques can be employed to promote greater understanding of young people's experiences of progress in residential alcohol…

Mirror, indicate, maneuver: changing lanes in research and trying to avoid a crash

Nicola Yelland

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on what it means to be an academic in contemporary times and particularly how the value associated with being a researcher has changed in…

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