Qualitative Research Journal: Volume 11 Issue 2


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Patient‐Family‐Nurse Intensive Care Unit Experience ‐ A Roy Adaptation Model‐Based Qualitative Study

Brigitte S. Cypress

This qualitative phenomenological study examined the experiences of patients, their family members, and the nurses in the intensive care unit during critical illness. Five…


‘Living Your Life Because it’s the Only Life You’ve Got’

Kate Pahl, Steve Pool

This article explores the processes and practices of doing participatory research with children. It explores how this process can be represented in writing. The article comes out…

Rethinking Indigenous Research Approval ‐ The Perspective of a ‘Stranger’

Stella Coram

Ethical practices in relation to indigenous research require that the researcher decolonise the research. This can be challenging when institutional guidelines are unclear but at…

Best Foot Forward, Watching Your Step, Jumping in with Both Feet, or Sticking Your Foot in it? ‐ The Politics of Researching Academic Viewpoints

Sue Saltmarsh, Wendy Sutherland‐Smith, Holly Randell‐Moon

This article presents our experiences of conducting research interviews with Australian academics, in order to reflect on the politics of researcher and participant positionality…

Purposeful Sampling in Qualitative Research Synthesis

Harsh Suri

Informed decisions about sampling are critical to improving the quality of research synthesis. Even though several qualitative research synthesists have recommended purposeful…


The Role of Qualitative Research in a Mixed Methods Study ‐ Assessing the e‐Business Enabled Transformation in a Strategic Business Unit

Ozlem Bak

This article describes the use of mixed methods in the context of e‐business enabled organisational transformation in a strategic business unit of a multinational corporation. It…


A Call to Love ‐ In Remembrance of Our Quare Saints

Durell M. Callier

In lieu of recent violent acts and the deaths of quare individuals‐queers of colour (e.g. Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, Carl Walker‐Hoover, Jaheem Herrera, Sakia Gunn, etc.) this…

Loud Silence ‐ Performing the Research Interview, Listening to Black Women’s Stories in the Academy and Beyond

Chamara Jewel Kwakye

This article (originally written as a performance piece) focuses on the lessons learned while conducting qualitative research on Black women in the academy, in particular the…

Why You Tryna Silence Her Body? – The Role of Education in Shaping the Black Female Body

Dominique C. Hill

Artistic expression is a vessel to define, refine, understand and become. Poetry and dance are tongues and instinctive expressions of my thoughts, feelings, and analyses. Thus, my…

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